Tantra Massage                                                            £130.00 for 1.5 hour session
The Tantric massage for women is given by one of our male massage therapist,  who are fully trained to make you feel comfortable. All our massage therapists  are  very experienced and have completed studies in Tantra.

Creating a sense of safety and trust is important to us. We make sure that  everything happens at a very slow and relaxing pace, always leaving you the  possibility to ask the massage therapist to stop if you feel uncomfortable at any  point.

During the massage you will be naked. The male masseur will be wearing boxer  shorts. You will be massaged with high quality oil all over the body using (first  one,  then the other) firm strokes and soft sweet, gentle touches. The treatment  awakens and unblocks the sexual energies and helps to lift and distribute them  so  they do not remain focused only around the sexual organs. In this way you  will  experience your entire body becoming more sensitive and orgasmic.


Tantra & Yoni Massage                                      £190.00 for 2 Hour session
As a part of the massage you can choose to experience the massage of the Yoni  (vagina). This part is optional and can be left out if you do not feel ready for it.  Talk  with the massage therapist about it before you begin.

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