Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a very intimate form of therapy and helps you stay healthy and youthful, and allows you to become more beautiful and radiant: Free flowing feminine creative energy is the best form of beauty therapy available!


Yoni massage is a very intimate type of therapy. To many the first session will be pushing personal boundaries, so it is of great importance that the session takes place in a safe environment in full trust of the therapist. During the Yoni massage laughter, tears, anger, moaning, break-throughs and deep pleasure can be experienced.

Most women have tensions and blockages in the lower body; quite a few without knowing it themselves. Many women are used to something being expected in return when a man touches her Yoni. Yoni massage is a chance to go beyond the pressure that many women feel when making love.

Experience the pleasure of being touched in a loving way without anything expected in return!



Causes for Tensions or Blockages in the Lower Body and Yoni:

Tensions in this area can result from situations where the woman has sex against her will: Abuse, rape or even situations where she just did not feel like it, but could not bring herself to say no to her lover.

Tensions can also result from frustration when lovemaking ends too quickly, and from lacking the courage to express her own desire.

Consistent lovemaking with a man who has a Lingam (male sexual organ) that is considerably larger or smaller than the womans' Yoni can also lead to complications.

 Blockages can also arise after gynaecological examination, abortion and childbirth.



Effects of the Yoni Massage:

  • Releases emotional tensions and stress

  • Reduces menstrual pain

  • Elimination of pain when having intercourse

  • Increases sensitivity in the yoni

  • Increased lubrication when sexually aroused

  • Openning to new levels of ecstatic pleasure, bliss, joy and love

  • More powerful orgasms achieved more easily

  • Elimination of psychic and emotional blockages in relation to sex 

  • Cellulite on the buttocks is reduced


The Yoni massage helps you stay healthy and youthful, more beautiful and more radiant. Free flowing feminine creative energy is the best form of beauty therapy available!

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